BCR, urbanism, architecture and design, d.o.o.
Mestni trg 10, 1000 Ljubljana
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Architectural practice BCR was founded in 2000 under the guidance of architect Bože Ć. Rozmana.
With years of experience in design, we have developed a commitment to individuality, listening to the specific wishes of individual subscribers and the feeling of luxury in materials in detail.
With successful realizations and consistency in the realization of the details, we gained trust, which was paid off with cooperation with subscribers from all over the world.

BCR are:
Božo Ć. Rozman, u.d.i.a.
Aleš Pajk, m.i.a.
Maja Lukić, m.i.a.
Katerina Knap Okretič, m.i.a.
Livija Mlakar, abs.arh.